The story of an Afghan Family in Germany, told in their own words

Mr. Habib Alzada, 28 years old, originates from the village Ghazni in Afghanistan. Together with his family, they were the first Afghan refugees who arrived at Altenbeken in August 2015.

He recounts: „In September of the previous year, under great difficulties and danger for our lives, we fled from the Taliban in our village to find safety and protection for the family. 

At first in Iran. Distressed by huge financial difficulties and health issues we spend the summer together with my pregnant wife and son, two and a half years old at that time,  in east Anatolia near the Iranian-Turkish border, in the city Van. On August 10th, 2015 my second son was born there. 

Then we travelled further to Istanbul. Using the few opportunities to travel through woods, we made it through to the Turkish coast and, during high sea and fearing for dear life, we crossed over to the Greek isle Lesbos and the seaport Mytilini.” 

He adds: „And despite all these difficulties and fears on the ocean we marched six to seven hours by foot to a refugee camp and from there we then arrived through Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Austria in Germany. 

From the bottom of my heart I thank all German citizens and I wish to learn the German language as fast as possible to be able to give back to the society which has given so much to me.”

Interview: Najla Zamani