Refugees in Altenbeken

Currently, more than 195 refugees live in the town of Altenbeken in municipal or private housing (as of December 2015). They originate from around 20 different countries, among them Syria, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Somalia, Nigeria, Guinea, Ghana, Morocco, Algeria, Mongolia, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Serbia. Many refugees speak English, French, or German, which tremendously benefits communication. Collaboration among them and utilizing their diverse cultural backgrounds and skill-sets support integration efforts in a multi-lingual environment.

Because of the current political situation, Altenbeken is expecting more displaced people to arrive during the upcoming weeks. At present, between 5 and 8 new refugees arrive in our village on weekly basis, predominantly from Syria.

In Altenbeken, it was possible to accommodate a large number of asylum seekers in private housing, which improved their integration enormously. To ensure continuous support and to avoid the organization of mass shelters, the local government is urgently searching for residential property.