Getting from A to B


The train station in Altenbeken is connected in all directions within Germany. There's a train to Paderborn that goes almost every 30 minutes. You can buy train tickets at the ticket automat or at the shop on the platform. 

Tip: If you need assistance choosing the right ticket, do not use the automat but go to the shop at the platform instead. The sales assistant can give you advice in English and will help you to get the cheapest ticket.



Bus lines

You also find some bus stations from where you can get to Paderborn, Altenbeken, Buke and Schwaney.

The most important busses are:

Bus 201 (Schwaney – Paderborn)

Bus 433 (Altenbeken – Buke – Schwaney)

Bus R31 (Altenbeken – Paderborn)

You can find the bus timetables directly at the bus stations or with a helpful app.



The "Deutsche Bahn App"

For this you need a smartphone with internet.

With this app you can find out all the departure and arrival times of all busses and trains in Germany and how long the trip takes.

  1. Download the app: DB Navigator
  2. Choose your place of departure (from) and your destination (to)
  3. Enter the date and time you want to go and press "Search".
  4. You now have the times of departure and arrival, the duration and the number of changes you need to do.

Download DB Navigator

Get a Ride

The support circle has established a WhatsApp group in which are about 20 citizens and 80 guests from all over the world. Within this WhatsApp group rides between Altenbeken – Buke – Schwaney – Paderborn and Bielefeld are organized.

If you would like to join the group please send an email with your number at:

Find a Ride with BlaBlaCar


BlablaCar is an internet plattform where private rides within Germany are organized. Just download the App and enter the the city ride where you want to go. The plattform is especially helpful for trips to other cities.