Living in Altenbeken


Most residents live in Altenbeken. Altenbeken has a variety of physicians and dentists, pharmacies, and businesses that offer everyday commodities, goods, and services. ALDI, one of the most affordable German discount supermarket chains, operates a store in Altenbeken. Be-sides several restaurants in Altenbeken is an Italian ice cream parlour to satisfy the sweet tooth. For recreational activities Altenbeken offers an indoor swimming pool and other in-door and outdoor sports facilities (soccer, tennis, handball). One of the main tourist attrac-tions is the Viaduct, an almost 500 m long and up to 35 m high railway bridge. In general, Altenbeken has a vivid club scene where people meet to exercise, play music, or sing and dance, or follow other recreational activities.



Buke is embedded between Altenbeken and Schwaney in an idyllic country-side location. Buke is well accessible by public transportation services. The “Buker Husaren” is a renowned marching band for their percussion and brass music. The smallest of the three villages offers plenty of opportunities to en-joy nature through outdoor activities like hiking, bike riding, etc. Buke has a shopping centre including a supermarket and a bakery, restaurants, and an industrial park. Several companies are located at the industrial park that may offer attractive employment opportunities.




Schwaney is about 1000 years old. Residents of this village come together regularly in teams, groups, or other communities to per-form recreational activities. Particularly popular is the "Bundesschützen Garde Musikkorps Schwaney”, a large orchestra with more than 50 active musicians. Schwaney has a supermarket, banks, a pizzeria, and a hairdresser. Schwaney also offers a large network of hiking trails to enjoy nature, for example in the Ellertal.