Facebook groups

MeetingPoint Altenbeken

In this facebook group citizens and refugees living in Altenbeken, Buke and Schwaney can get in touch with each other. Information about the municipality are shared, people are invited to events, requests can be posted and support is organized.

Helper's circle for refugees in the community of Altenbeken

In addition to the website this facebook group is built for the organization and planning of all kinds of activities to help refugees in the community of Altenbeken.

Refugees and friends

A general group for refugees and all people who support them to get in contact with each other and solve challenges together. Any questions and information about formal procedures, translations, accommodations, events and similar things can be posted.

Administrative bodies


Advice center for asylum seekers and refugees

The advice center adresses people, who do not (yet) have a residence permit to stay in Germany permanently. We offer advice and support as well as help in all kinds of situations that you cannot accomplish on your own. We offer "capacity building".

Advice about the following topics:

  • asylum and residence issues
  • family reunion
  • social payments
  • housing and accommodation problems
  • school, kindergarten and leisure time
  • working permit and jobhunting
  • health problems, pregnancy, psychic strain and traumatization
  • voluntary exit and return advice
  • education, family and partnership

Assiciations and initiatives

Migrant self help organizations in Paderborn

list from the integration agency of Caritas Paderborn


Paderbunt is a platform bringing together refugees, volunteers and professional supporters of refugee aid and organisation in Paderborn.

Flüchtlingshilfe Lippe e.V.
engaged advice for refugees in the county of Lippe


Independent german human rights organisation, who come together to protect refugees rights and to give voice to their concerns

Welcome to Europe
Independent information for refugees and migrants coming to Europe

Good ideas all over Germany
Interactive map with projects für refugees

Official website of the community of Altenbeken
Opening hours of shops in Altenbeken, Events and more


Deutsche Bahn
Website of the German railway with timetable information for trains and busses throughout Germany

Nahverkehrsverbund Paderborn-Höxter (nph)
Timetable information about regional bus connections

Information and media for refugees

App "Welcome to North Rhine-Westphalia"

"Welcome to NRW" is the official app of North Rhine-Westphalia for refugees. It combines general and basic information and is designed to help orient the refugees in North Rhine-Westphalia.

App "Ankommen"

A guide for your first weeks in Germany as smartphone app in German, English, French, Arabic and Farsi

Welcome to Germany!

Information portal for refugees from Deutsche Telekom

Guide for refugees

Information in English and Arabic from the first German TV station (ARD)

Guide for refugees


Information, reports an entertainment for refugees in German, Englisch, Arabic and Farsi from WDR (western german TV and radio)

My Escape / Meine Flucht

This documentary film is a montage of videos made by refugees reporting themselves about their escape to Germany.

Tagesschau in 100 Seconds
Daily news in English and Arabic language

Yallah Deutschland

Video portal for, from and about refugees in arabic and german language

Marhaba (Welcome)
Videos in arabic language about Germany from the german news channel n-tv

Refugee Radio
Radio programs for refugees in english and arabic language

Videos for children from the famous german television series "Die Sendung mit der Maus" in Arabic, Kurdish and Dari


How to write a resume

Checklist for writing a resume to apply for a job in Germany

Recognition of school graduations

Table with school graduations of several countries and their recognition in Germany

Recognition in Germany

Have you learned an occupation or studied abroad? Find out how you can have your certificate officially recognized.

Kiron University
Online scholarships for refugees

Hallo App
Free smartphone app for children to learn German vocabulary